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Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Cover

Discover VÉNITIAN, a premium heat pump or air conditioning cover that offers functionality and flair! 

With its Venetian-inspired design, the VÉNITIAN cover comes with a functional wood effect top, which means that it doubles as a table-top, perfect for adding a few decorative items and small plants and will disguise and help you forget about the heat pump or air conditioning hidden underneath.

This exclusive OUTSTEEL creation includes two removable side doors as standard, making access and maintenance of the engine block even easier. VÉNITIAN is the perfect way to combine practicality with style!

Product details

Detailed Description

The VÉNITIAN air conditioning cover is a stylish way to hide and safeguard the outdoor unit of your heat pump or air conditioning system. It adds an attractive look to your home while providing the protection you need.

Available in 3 sizes, VÉNITIAN offers two possible configurations: 

wall-mounted with two front feet;
>  complete model a free-standing model complete with back plate and four feet. 

VÉNITIAN is compatible with the majority of heat pump and air conditioning brands. It is particularly suitable for devices whose technical maintenance is carried out on the sides because VÉNITIAN has removable side doors. 

In addition to the 4 standard colours available, VÉNITIAN can be customized to order in the RAL shade of your choice for perfect integration of the heat pump or air conditioning (25% added value). 

All OUTSTEEL heat pump and air conditioning covers have been tested by the CÉRIC Laboratory and have a  two-year warranty.

Technical data

Galvanized steel design, powder coated. 

Internal dimensions of the two configurations (length x height x width/depth): 

- Size S: 925 x 775 x 471 mm
- Size M: 1025 x 825 x 521 mm
- Size L: 1125 x 925 x 571 mm

In the "wall mounting" configuration, the 3 models are adjustable in width/depth: 100 mm

Weight : 

- From 20 kg to 42 kg 

Table top:

- Supports up to 15 kg 

Available in 4 standard colours:

RAL 9001 Cream

RAL 7016 Grey

RAL 9005 Black

RAL 6005 Green

Other RAL colours: 25% increase in value

Installation & regulation

OUTSTEEL heat pump or air conditioning covers are quick to fit. Here are the assembly steps for the VÉNITIAN model:

The VÉNITIAN model has two openings on the sides to facilitate the maintenance operations of the device defined by the regulations. 





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