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Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Cover

Treat your heat pump or air conditioner to the ultimate in protection and style with OUTSTEEL's BUBBLES cover!

This delightful cover is designed to keep your device safe from shocks and bad weather, with a clever clip-on front for easy access. Available in a range of sizes and colours, you can install it wherever you need to - whether it be high up on a wall, on the ground, on the terrace or in the garden.

Get your BUBBLES cover today for the perfect blend of protection and elegance!


Product details

Detailed Description

The BUBBLES heat pump and air conditioning cover is designed to aesthetically conceal and protect the heat pump or air conditioning installation located outside the home.

Available in 3 sizes, the BUBBLES model is compatible with most brands of heat pumps and air conditioners. BUBBLES and its perforated design promotes the circulation of the air flows necessary for the proper functioning of the devices. 

The basic BUBBLES model is intended for wall mounting (without a bottom plate, back plate or feet). Depending on the location of the heat pump or air conditioning, the BUBBLES model can be completed with: 

a bottom plate, is provided when the heat pump is fixed to the wall at height in order to hide the installation from being seen from below, providing a better aesthetic integration. 
a back plate, is provided when the heat pump is installed free-standing on the ground. The back plate allows the heat pump to be completely covered and gives a perfect 360° look. In this case, 4 additional feet are provided to raise the heat pump cover off the ground to enable connection pipes to pass under. 
feet (in pairs),  provided when the heat pump is to be free-standing (2 pairs of feet required). The feet allow the cover to be raised off the ground to enable connection pipes to pass under

BUBBLES is available in 4 monochrome colours and 1 two-tone model.  BUBBLES is also customisable to order in the RAL shade of your choice for perfect integration of the heat pump or air conditioning into its surrounding space (single-colour version only, added value 25%). 


All OUTSTEEL heat pump and air conditioning covers have been tested by the CÉRIC Laboratory and have a  two-year warranty.

Technical data

Galvanized steel design, powder coated. 

Internal dimensions of the wall base (length x height x width/depth): 

- Size S: 850 x 716 x 470 mm 
- Size M: 950 x 766 x 520 mm 
- Size L: 1050 x 866 x 550 mm 

Model adjustable in width/depth: 100 mm 

Depending on the size of the wall cover, select the bottom plate, the back plate and the corresponding feet (S, M or L).

Interior dimensions of the complete model (bottom + back plate + feet): 

- Size S: 850 x 784 x 470 mm 
- Size M: 950 x 834 x 520 mm 
- Size L: 1050 x 934 x 550 mm  

Weight : 

- From 23 kg to 42 kg 

Available in 4 standard colours and 1 two-tone model:

Other RAL colours: 25% increase in value (except two-colour model).

Two-tone model, only in: 
- front and back panels: RAL 9001 
- sides: RAL 7016 

Installation & regulation

OUTSTEEL heat pump or air conditioning covers are easy to install and resistant. Here are the steps for installing the BUBBLES model: 

With its removable front system, BUBBLES allows very easy access to the heat pump or air conditioning to carry out the maintenance operations defined by the regulations. 





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