0.6mm stainless steel connecting flue pipe

StartInox is a 0.6mm stainless steel connecting flue pipe for , manufactured using modern engineering design principles and state of the art processes. This product provides an alternative to vitreous enamel and can be used self-finish or over-painted with a high temperature stove paint to match the colour of your choice and fully interchangeable with our Enamel Premium range

Startinox has been tested as part of ' Poujoulat chimney systems' and as such can be used with all Poujoulat Chimneys and Flexible liner products

It is available in 2 diameters (Ø130, Ø150).






Product details

> Fully seam-welded.

> 0.6mm thick 316L stainless steel.

> Tested “dry” joint system, no need for fixing screws or sealants.

> The female end can be easily cut to provide the exact length you require with no additional components needed.

> Fully interchangeable with Enamel Premium product range and compatible with all Poujoulat products.


Complete range of ancillaries available

> Air-vent, fire-cement, fire rope, smoke pellet, mastic, selant, CO alarm, paint, insulation bag, thermometer, moisture meter, clay pot and more.

All of the products offered by Cheminées Poujoulat have been rigorously tested in every configuration by the CERIC Laboratory to ensure they meet highest standards (Building Regulation Document J - Amendments to Approved Documents).


Technical data

> Max. Temperature limitation: 450°C
> CE marking: 0071-CPR-0040
> Designation: BSEN1856-2: T600 N1 D Vm L50060 G (3D) NM


> Adaptor must fit inside the appliance outlet

> Distances from combustible materials must be 3 times the diameter of the flue pipe

> You can achieve a clearance of 1 diameter using the "Ventilated Cover Pipe"(Tested to EN1856).

Installation & regulation


To comply with UK Building Regulations, and HETAS requirements, our STARTINOX range can be used as a connecting flue pipe from the appliance to the chimney

>  Connecting Flue pipe can only be used in the room where the appliance is installed. It should not pass through any roof space, partition, internal wall or floor.

> Connecting Flue pipe cannot be used to support the chimney it is connected to and the appliance shall be able to be disconnected from the chimney without disturbing the chimney ( Building Regulations ADJ).

> It is allowed to pass through a 'masonry wall/ floor of a masonry chimney' to directly connect to the Flue in the chimney ie. through either the wall of the chimney or a masonry floor supporting the chimney. 

> The maximum allowable length of single wall connecting flue pipe is 2,000 mm as stated in BS EN 15287 – 2007 +A1:2010

> It is recommended that a vertical rise of 600mm should be included, immediately above the appliance before any change of direction to improve draught.

> It is recommended that you install an inspection & cleaning door to ensure the chimney can be swept without having to pass cleaning equipment through the appliance.

> When bends are needed, then no part of a flue pipe should form an angle greater than 45 degree from the vertical, except for the rear connection to a rear outlet appliance, the horizontal section, shall not exceed 150mm* ( Building Regulations ADJ).

Note.1  A maximum of 4 bends (2 offsets) is permitted in any "complete chimney and connecting flue pipe system”. Where offsets are incorporated, suitable cleaning access shall be provided and the draught should be checked that it meets the appliance requirements.

Note 2, * "the short horizontal section, not exceeding 150mm", could be extended to 450mm subject to strict system criteria being met, if any extended length is required please discuss in detail with our technical department.


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