Adjustable Starter Length Kit from the THERMINOX Range

DÉCO’START provides a quick, easy and adjustable connection of appliance to Therminox chimney. 

A new component of the Therminox range, DÉCO’START allows a complete twin-wall connection directly from appliance to termination. This type of complete twin-wall chimney arrangement must ensure that Building Regulation provisions are met, in that the appliance should be able to be removed without the need to dismantle the entire chimney. DÉCO’START's clever design achieves this through the use of the integrated 'Premium Enamel' section, with its 'dry joint' design that enables it to slide away from the appliance, up into DÉCO’START's insulated twin-wall section, thus leaving a gap in which to remove the stove.

DÉCO’START perfectly covers the start of the flue by allowing a seamless junction between the chimney and the wood appliance, creating a clean, modern and streamlined finish to your chimney installation. And with its unique ventilated shroud cover around its entire circumference, DÉCO’START also enables additional heat to radiate from the device, further improving its performance.


Product details

DÉCO’START  starter length kit comprises 3 parts:

1. Twin-Wall Section

Connects directly to your Therminox twin-wall chimney and to the Premium Enamel length integrated within the DÉCO’START  kit.

2. Premium Enamel

Integrated within the DÉCO’START  kit, this 250mm length of enamel connects the twin-wall chimney to the stove (via an adaptor if required). The enamel length can slide up inside the twin-wall section of DÉCO’START  by up to 100mm, providing adjustability for easy connection and disconnection of the stove to the chimney.

3. Ventilated Cover Shroud

Fits around the outside of the twin-wall section and slides down to meet the top of the stove, covering the enamel connecting pipe and providing a clean and stylish finish.




DÉCO’START  is available in stainless steel or powder-coated black as standard. It can also be painted in any RAL colour for a fully customised and unique finish.

All of the products offered by Cheminées Poujoulat have been rigorously tested in every configuration by the CERIC Laboratory to ensure they meet the highest standards (Building Regulation Document J - Amendments to Approved Documents).


Technical data


- Easy installation

- Provides perfect continuity of the chimney to the appliance

- Approved & Tested: 50mm (G50) Clearance to combustible materials 

 - Available in any RAL colour

- Ø130 & Ø150 in stainless steel and powder-coated black (RAL 9019) available  from stock. All other sizes/colours are to order.


Installation & regulation

The Therminox chimney system should be installed in the room ensuring the correct clearances to any combustible materials are maintained. The DÉCO’START length should be the final section above the stove in a position that should be no closer than 250mm from the stove outlet.

- Offer the length of 'Premium Enamel' within the DÉCO’START onto the single-wall tail of the Therminox EDP length and then slide the enamel length up inside the twin-wall section of the DÉCO’START. It should travel approximately 100mm.

- Position the stove with its outlet spigot directly beneath the hanging enamel length of the chimney.

- Insert the 'Premium Enamel' appliance adaptor into the stove spigot.

- Ease the short length of 'Premium Enamel' down the liner tail and securely into the top of the waiting appliance adaptor. In some cases,  an appliance adaptor may not be necessary and the male spigot of the 'Premium Enamel' length will fit directly into the stove outlet.

Note1.: The 'Premium Enamel' is a fully dry joint tested system that needs no additional fixing or sealant.

Note 2.: Now the 'Premium Enamel' is located in the adaptor, no part of the DÉCO’START tail should be visible. Longer lengths of enamel are available and if too long they can be cut to length.

Note 3.: With the connection to the stove now properly established, the joint into the stove can be suitably sealed with ceramic rope/fire cement.

- With care, so as not to damage the powder coat finish, fit the ventilated cover shroud loosely into place over the twin-wall section and slide this down to meet the top of the stove, gently rotate the ventilated cover shroud so that the slider adjuster and the captive fixing line up at the rear of the installation (facing the wall), insert the fixing screw and tighten.


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