Wall Protection Plates

Decorative and Protective Wall Coverings

Make your fireplace the ultimate in-room feature with the addition of a Poujoulat Wall Plate.

We offer two variations:

1. Deco Wall Plates  -  offer a visual finish only

2. Wall Protection Plates - offer a visual and heat-protective finish







Product details

Deco Wall Plates

Decorative wall plates

A visual finish element only, Deco Wall Plates can be placed directly on your non-combustible walls. They offer no added protection against the risk of fire and no reduction of distance to combustible materials.

> Offers a  pleasing, quality, aesthetic appearance.

> Prevents yellowing of the wall

> Highlights the appliance and decorates the room

Available in 4 designs: Black, Nature, Industrial & Pop Art

Protective Wall Plates

Protective Wall Plates

Protects the wall and protects against the risk of fire, you can reduce the distance between the appliance and the combustible material (1.5 times the diameter of the connecting pipe). Made from stainless steel and covered with zinc with insulation made from calcium silicate. 

> Protects the wall from the risk of fire

> Reduces the safety distances of the stove and the chimney from combustible materials 

> The plate incorporates a 25 mm air gap (gap between wall and insulation).

Available in 4 designs: Black, Cinema, Spiral & Ano.

Technical data

Deco - Decorative Wall Plates

Deco wall plate dimensions

Available in 2 sizes:
800 x 1000 (l x h)
800 x 1200 (l x h) 

Protective Wall Plates

Available in 2 sizes:
800 x 1000 (l x h)
800 x 1200 (l x h)

Installation & regulation


Deco Wall Plates Installation Instructions
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