Designed draught stabiliser

Draught stabilisers are secondary air inlets fitted to the chimney. By allowing additional outside air to enter the system, these inlets regulate the pressure inside the chimney.

A draught  stabiliser saves energy and money by equalising pressure fluctuations inside the chimney and thus lowering fuel consumption.

REGUL’ART allows a customised decoration bespoke to your interior.








Product details

> Equalise temperature-related pressure fluctuations inside the chimney

> Lower fuel consumption and thus the heating bill

> Improve the ecological balance of a flue system

> Reduce moisture


All of the products offered by Cheminées Poujoulat have been rigorously tested in every configuration by the CERIC Laboratory to ensure they meet highest standards (Building Regulation Document J - Amendments to Approved Documents).


Technical data




> A movable flap allows the chimney system to draw in cold air from outside if needed. The flap opens whenever the pressure level falls below a certain value



Installation & regulation