Compact Heat Recovery and Flue Gas Cleaner In One


A unique and innovative device that filters the flue gases and recovers the energy at the same time, TERRAOSAVE® offers a real investment for industrial plant applications.

Based on thermodynamic technology (mixing flue gases with water) Terroasave captures and injects exhaust fumes into the water or to another fluid commonly used for purification. This unique device provides:

> Flue Gas Cleaning

Pollutants from the flue gases are filtered by a proportionate volume of liquid

  • > Energy Recovery

Both explicit and implicit energy from the exhaust gases are transferred through the water.



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  • > Delivers up to 2.5x higher energy recovery compared to traditional heat exchangers
    > Save money on fuel
    > Catches more pollutants, reducing contamination levels emitted into atmosphere
    > More capacity in less space. Both a compact and modular solutions, each Terraosave modules is approx. 2m x 2.9m x 1,7m
    > Suitable for retrofit
    > Does not require boiler shutdown for servicing

Heat Recovery

The recycling of energy is appropriate for all flue gasses, at all temperatures and combustions:


TERRAOSAVE® technology – significantly reduces contamination levels emitted into the atmosphere.

Recycling of waste heat

The loss of thermal energy in the exhaust flue gases may in extreme cases be up to 40% of the total input energy, depending on the appliance and the type of fuel being used. This is energy we do not use which is expelled into the atmosphere. By installing the Terraosave, a large part of this energy can be recovered and reused in the process, e.g. for preheating water or other energy carriers in the system. 

Flue Gas Condensation

The Terraosave solution captures and recovers the thermal energy contained in gases and exhaust fumes. The direct exchange process extracts sensible heat. What distinguishes the Terrao® heat exchanger is that in addition to sensible heat, it also extracts the latent heat, which is much greater, as shown on the diagram below. In many cases, the recovered energy from a single Terrao® exchanger will be up to 2.5 times greater than the traditional plate heat exchangers.

Terraosave Applications

> Biomass plant

> CHP plant

> Industrial process : Dryer / Furnace / Oven

> Naval industry exhaust


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Case Studies

Verbier, Switzerland

Heat recovery and dust filtration from biomass exhaust gases from boiler room for the local district heating.

> Boilers capacity: 2 x 1.5MW

> Heat recovery: 400KW (gain of 15%)

> Dust emission level (output): 20mg/Nm² (reduction of 90%)



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case studies


Creil, France

Heat recovery from gas exhaust  from district heating boiler room .

> Boilers capacity: 3MW

> Heat recovery: iMW (gain of 35%)




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