Runnymead & Surrey Heath Council

Housing Development

Client:Zenith chimney stack in place

Billed as one of the government' new ‘Garden Towns’, these residential housing developments were built to increase housing stock throughout the country. The plan for this particular development was for 1,320 new homes, a primary school, shops, a surgery and a community centre. House types included affordable 2/3-bedroom terrace houses up to large  5/6-bedroom detached houses.

The first residential phase was completed in 2021.


For the smaller terraced properties, chimney systems were routed through the houses and into a false, prefabricated chimney stack complete with brick slip matching the outer brick colour.  With the larger properties, a twin-wall flue system was installed within a brick chimney (to comply with regulations) complete with a bespoke chimney capping made to architect specifications. 

The initial phase saw the installation of nine Zenith ridge-mounted, prefabricated chimney stacks in brick slip finish and 56 x bespoke chimney caps.

65 x Poujoulat’s 150mm inside diameter Therminox chimney systems were installed throughout the site, each serving a Chesney’s Milan 4kw fireplace.  Sequential installation of the chimney and stack systems matched the site progress and Poujoulat worked closely with the contractors to ensure the timely completion of each system. 


Lightweight, quick and easy to install, the Zenith prefabricated chimney stacks saved the developer valuable time and money whilst achieving the visual and structural requirements that the project and its environment demanded.

In addition, the prefabricated chimney stacks offered substantial space savings for the smaller terraced properties as a traditional chimney breast would have taken up valuable space in a room.

Chimney with bespoke cap


Close-up of bespoke cap