Intake Farm Primary School, Mansfield

Client: Econergy Ltd (British Gas)


Our client for this project was Econergy Ltd (British Gas) who carried out the main installation of this heating scheme serving the school buildings.


The project involved the site survey, design, manufacture, supply and installation of an 8.0m high free-standing stainless steel Cheminnov twinwall chimney system serving a single Froling TX150 biomass boiler.


Once the obsolete chimney stack had been dismantled and removed, a set of holding down bolts and template were sent for the main contractor to set into a mass concrete base inside the existing plant room. The new 8.0m high Cheminnov chimney system arrived on site and was lifted up in a single section and carefully lowered through the existing 500mm diameter hole in the boiler room roof onto the waiting bolts. Within an hour the chimney was secured and levelled ready for connecting up. The short branch from the Cheminnov to the boiler outlet was completed using Therminox TI and the chimney system was ready for handover after a single day on site. PUK carried out full chimney sizing and structural calculations for the chimney system to ensure that the appliance would operate efficiently and that all flue gases were evacuated at the correct termination height in accordance with the Clean Air Act, TG09 and Local Air Quality Management Area requirements.

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Chimney System:

The appliance connection was made using Therminox TI comprising a 250mm inside diameter 316L grade stainless steel inner liner, 32mm of high grade, high density (130kg/m3) mineral wool insulation and a 304 grade stainless steel out casing all Certified to BS EN 1856-1 and designed to T450 N1 W V2 L50050 G50. The freestanding Cheminnov chimney was manufactured with a 250mm inside diameter 316 grade stainless steel inner liner, 50mm of high grade, high density mineral wool insulation and a 350mm outside diameter 0.8mm thick aluminium cladding all finished with a polyurethane powder coated RAL7035 as per the customer’s requirements.

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