Hilton Creed Court Hotel

Client: Elf Combustion


Curio Collection by the Hilton is a St Paul’s Creed Court Hotel London development in the City of London planned to open in 2022.

The project includes the demolition of the existing buildings behind the retained façade to provide a 7-storey building for hotel and restaurant use with a total floor space of 7,660m2 and 145 bedrooms.


Poujoulat UK was awarded the contract to design, supply and install the flue systems to service the diesel generator, CHP appliance and five gas boilers, all situated in the hotel’s basement. The build consisted of several basement levels, and the design of the flues needed to navigate a complex layout.

In addition, during the installation, a screen was added at roof level to conceal a rooftop plant area and as a result, the chimney height had to be subsequently increased so that fumes could be safely evacuated away from this area.


Poujoulat’s Dualinox, a stainless-steel twin wall “system chimney” was used to connect the five gas boilers in a cascade system. Chosen specifically to allow for maximum flexibility with several changes in direction required. DUALINOX, stainless steel, 25mm insulated twin wall chimney system was then continued for the outside vertical riser. 

200mm THERM+ GEP, a high-quality stainless steel twin wall “system chimney” was used to connect the Cummins generator and for its outside vertical riser. Chosen for its exceptional thermal properties, THERM+ GEP ensured there would be no loss in temperature or efficiency. 

Poujoulat’s 80mm THERM+ CHP, a dedicated stainless steel, twin wall exhaust chimney specifically designed for CHP appliances, was used for the CHP appliance exhaust, from appliance to riser and termination.


The flexibility and build quality afforded by the Poujoulat chimney solution meant that the complexity of the project and the last-minute changes could be easily accommodated.

All Poujoulat components are manufactured to the highest standards and are designed with ease of installation in mind from the outset. As each component integrates perfectly with one another, the optimum chimney solution can be delivered quickly, and cost-efficiently, whatever the application.


DUALINOX cascade systems to ATAG boilers
DUALINOX flue connecting to Cummins generator
Extension to CHP & boiler riser flues
THERM+ CHP & DUALINOX external risers painted in Grey Aluminium