Sweeping Course

This course is suitable for candidates wanting to learn how to sweep a chimney, and undertake servicing and maintenance but do not wish to undertake installation work.

Course Content:
- Health and Safety
- Environmental Factors
- Pre-assessment Survey
- Sweeping Methods
- Sealing Methods
- Soot Classification
- Hearth Requirements
- Heat Shielding of Combustible Materials
- Chimneys, Flues and Connecting Flue Pipes
- Chimney Clearance; Distance to Combustibles
- Chimney Termination Outlets and Cowls
- Combustion Ventilation
- Pre-Commissioning
- Flue Draught Testing
- Commissioning and Handover
- Smoke Draw & Flue Draught Interference Tests
- CO Alarm Positioning
- HETAS Unsafe Situations Procedure (HUSP)
- Consumer Care and Advice

Pre-Requisites: None.

Duration:             4 Days

Cost:                     £1,032+ VAT

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