Green Spark, Essex

Client: Green Spark Renewable Energy Ltd


Our client for this project was Green Spark Renewable Energy Ltd in Essex, who were looking to carry out the installation of a single oil-fired Unical Ellprex 2650 boiler unit.


The client was looking for a partner company to work with them on the project which required the design, supply and installation of a chimney solution for the new boiler. The chimney was required to pass out through the plant room wall before rising up the outside of the metal-clad building structure to termination. It was important that the chimney system would enable the optimum performance from the new boiler and ensure a quick return on investment for the client.


On completion of a site survey, Poujoulat’s technical team prepared detailed chimney sizing calculations, based upon the proposed flue route and a 600mm inside diameter Therminox TI twin-wall chimney system proposed.

From the outlet of the boiler unit, the chimney system ran horizontally some 3.7m to pass through a pre-cut hole in the cladding of the building.  Outside, a swept tee arrangement was installed on a purpose-built floor standing table type support which also carried a standard tee and draught stabiliser unit to control the flue gases.

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Chimney System:

Therminox TI comprises a 316-grade stainless steel inner liner, 32mm of high grade, high density (130kg/m3) mineral wool insulation and 304-grade stainless steel out casing. Certified to BS EN 1856-1. Designed to T250 N1 W V2 L50060 O40 for the complete system.


The purpose made support table and the complete chimney installation was carried out by Poujoulat’s installation team in just two days.  The flexibility and build quality afforded by the Therminox modular chimney solution meant that the project could be turned around in record time.

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