30mm insulated twin wall connecting flue pipe

Based upon our Therminox twin wall insulated chimney system, Therminox HT Black offers a visually appealing solution to connect directly to the appliance. 

With many advances in stove design and performance, there are now appliances on the market that produce a very high «radiated temperature» around the outlet spigot or through the top of the stove (>120°C). Therminox HT Black is ideal for use with these appliances where painted products may blister and peel. 

With a slightly textured powder coated, matt black finish, Therminox HT Black provides a close match to most black stoves.

Note: Therminox HT Black a connecting flue pipe that should only be used internally.

It is available in 2 diameters (Ø130 & Ø150)




Product details

>Eliminates risk of blistering and peeling paint issues.

> Insulated flue improves stove efficiency and performance.

Reduces clearance requirements and enhances safety

> 10 year guarantee

> CERIC tested



Complete range of ancillaries available

> Air-vent, fire-cement, fire rope, smoke pellet, mastic, selant, CO alarm, paint, insulation bag, thermometer, moisture meter, clay pot and more.


All of the products offered by Cheminées Poujoulat have been rigorously tested in every configuration by the CERIC Laboratory to ensure they meet highest standards (Building Regulation Document J - Amendments to Approved Documents).


Technical data


> Max. Temperature limitation: 450°C

> CE marking: 0071-CPR-0011

> Designation: T450 N1 W V2 L50040 G50 - Inner wall thickness: 0.4mm

> Insulation: 30mm high density pressure injected mineral wool (25mm for Ø100mm).


Our HT Black Insulated Cover Jacket covers a short length of Enamel giving the appearance of twinwall all the way to the appliance. Using the Insulated Cover Jacket enhances the visual impact of the system whilst improving the appliance efficiency and customer safety.

This HT Black Insulated Cover Jacket should be used with our HT Black Pipe Connection Length (ref: EDP) + 250mm length of Enamel Premium or Startinox + appliance adaptor (optional). 

> Provides a streamline look to suit today’s modern stove

> Eliminates blistering and peeling issues

> Reduces clearance requirements and enhances safety 

> Allows for the quick and easy disconnection of a stove

Installation & regulation

Using a cover jacket arrangement ensures that there is enough adjustability in the connecting pipe to allow for the complete removal of the appliance/stove without the need to dismantle the chimney system, ensuring compliance with Building Regulations. Please refer to Building Regulations AD J page 24 section 1 44 .

Chimney passing through the ceiling floor level

> Joints between chimney sections and associated locking bands shall not occur within any ceiling joist space or wall/partitions.

> Fire-stops or Fire-stop/spacers shall be fitted to the frame formed between compartments through which the chimney passes.

> The lower end of the chimney shall extend at least 150 mm below a non-combustible ceiling, but the required clearance distance from combustibles to the connecting flue pipe must also be respected, usually three times the diameter of the connecting flue pipe eg. 150 dia. pipe = 450mm clearance to combustible.

> Where the flue pipe connects to the chimney the connection shall be made using our Pipe Connection Length (EDP) or using our P Adaptor which can be supplied with any spigot diameter so suit.

Distance to combustible materials

> Therminox has exceptional thermal properties that guarantee a true 50mm clearance to combustible materials.


> The chimney system shall have no more than 4 bends in total. 2 bends in the chimney and 2 bends in the flue pipe connection.

> The offset shall provide a change of direction no more than 45° from the vertical.

> The run of chimney between bends shall not exceed 20% of the total chimney length.


> It is important that chimneys serving all types of solid fuel appliance are swept regularly to remove soot, tar and potential blockages.


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