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ISO 9001 - ISO 14001

Poujoulat UK has successfully completed and achieved the objectives of their BSI ISO 9001 and BSI ISO 14001 Assessment

The objective of the assessment was to conduct a surveillance assessment and look for positive evidence to ensure that elements of the scope of certification and the requirements of the management standard are effectively addressed by the organisation's management system and that the system is demonstrating the ability to support the achievement of statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements and the organisations specified objectives, as applicable with regard to the scope of the management standard, and to confirm the on-going achievement and applicability of the forward strategic plan and where applicable to identify potential areas for improvement of the management system.

The scope of the assessment is the documented management system with relation to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the defined assessment plan provided in terms of locations and areas of the system and organisation to be assessed.

The objectives of this assessment have been achieved.

The Assessment concluded that the company continues to maintain a strong customer focus and use the analysis of key performance measures to identify areas for improvement and has put in measures in order to improve service delivery and grow the business ensuring customer satisfaction continues to improve and the management system is integral to the business improvement process.

Managing the company in this way can be taxing, yet we believe that this extra effort demonstrates our commitment to our customers and the environment in all our activities.

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Cheminées Poujoulat is the specialist in production of metallic chimneys, chimney stacks , accessories for single houses, collective buildings, industrial and offices applications, for new buildings and renovations.
Cheminées Poujoulat offers a wide choice of solutions for flexible and rigid linings, connecting chimneys for all typs of appliances , inserts, wood stove, pellet stove, and boilers. Besides, Poujoulat can offer various solutions to improve the smoke evacuation : smoke extractor fans, warm air distribution, draft regulators, solution for maintening and sweeping the chimneys.