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Regulation and CE marking

CE Marking

The decree of July 2nd, 2004, published in the Official journal on July 24th, 2004 opens the way with CE marking of the flue of chimney metal. From the January 1st, 2007, the entire metal chimneys present on the market are CE marked.

CE Marking, directions for use

The ranges Therminox TI/ZI and Condensor are CE marked since September 1st, 2004 according to European standard NF EN 1856-1 relative to the metal chimney.

Standard NF IN 1856-2 relating to the linings and metal elements of connection was published by AFNOR at the end of December 2004.

Following the audits of its qualté system and its inspecting device of the production by the LNE, notified organization, the whole of the products manufactured by Poujoulat are today CE marked according to 2 standards NF EN 1856-1 et NF EN 1856-2 :


Number of the compliance certificate

The metalchimney

Elements of connections

NF EN 1856-1

NF EN 1856-2


0071 - CPD - 0014

0071 - CPD - 0025

3CE P MULTI+ external version

0071 - CPD - 0011


3CE P Multi+ internal version

0071 - CPD - 0014


3CE natural

0071 - CPD - 0014


Dualis EP - GP

0071 - CPD - 0051/0052


PGI Pellets

0071 - CPD - 0051/0052


Tubinox Starflex


0071 - CPD - 0055


0071 - CPD - 0011



0071 - CPD - 0011



CE marking is not a quality stamp, such as "Tested CERIC", for example. It allows simply freedom of movement of the products within the European Union. In fact the rules of Installation main roads determine the adequacy of the products to the works.

Poujoulat is committed to advise you and be assisting you to make the good choices which in full safety guarantee to your customers best comforts.

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