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Pre-fabricated chimney stacks

Poujoulat offer a range of traditional or contemporary looking pre-fabricated chimney tops that are simple to fit and would suit any type of housing style.

Would you prefer a more traditional looking chimney on your house?

Pre-fabricated chimneys can look a bit too modern for some styles of house and although they can be toned down somewhat by a coloured paint finish they can sometimes still look a little out of place. 


In most cases the chimney stack unit can be installed in less than one hour and without any need for costly structural changes to the roof trusses.

The chimney stack unit is lightweight and is easily man handled into position without the need of heavy lifting equipment or crane and each one is delivered complete with a factory fitted section of our Therminox ZI chimney system which ensures the optimum performance of the appliance.

To complete the installation, the made to measure flashing plate guarantees an immediate and perfect water-tight seal to the roof.  Like all Poujoulat products the chimney stack system comes with our AXA insurance backed 10 year guarantee

Apart from our standard ASCENTOR square and, ZENITH rectangular products we have a wide range of styles and designs available, these can be bespoke for your property.  We are able to offer stacks for single chimneys, for double chimneys and even for four chimneys if required.  The housing can be manufactured to a square shape or rectangular and we are able to offer slope mounted, ridge mounted or even gable end mounted systems. 

pre-chimney-stacks.jpgTraditional brick finishes are available and we are able to closely match to most standard brick colours, alternatively a rendered finished can be supplied with either a smooth or roughcast coating coloured to suit your property.  All chimney stacks come with a choice of detailing such as terminal types, pots and corbelling options.

Once fitted to a new build or existing property the chimney stack unit can easily be capped for future use. This weather plug can easily be removed as and when the client decides on and proceeds with the internal chimney system and appliance.


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