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lining a stack

Lining an existing stack

For several years now, we have been assisting in the revival of wood energy as a popular source of heat that takes efficiency, pleasure and ecological factors into consideration. The rise in the cost of fossil fuels meanwhile provides further motivation for investment.

Increasingly efficient systems

The modern systems offer a remarkable level of efficiency and increasingly enhanced aesthetics. Indeed their efficiency has been improved fairly spectacularly in the past 15 years.

Stoves and insets: appealing durable quality, performance and a modern design.

Pellet stoves: can function automatically and be programmed to optimise comfort and energy efficiency.

Boilers: allow for significant savings (amounting to between 20% and 30% in comparison to a 15-year-old boiler) while also emitting less greenhouse gases.

Why line your flue pipe?

Lining is strongly advised during installation of a new heating system to ensure a good draught and to guarantee safety and durability.

Questions you should ask yourself:

Is the flue sealed?

  • What is its temperature resistance?
  • Is the dimension of the existing flue pipe adapted to my heating system?
  • Is installation in accordance with the current standards?
  • My flue pipe has already been renovated; has the entire length been lined?

Lining regulations:

Several obligations outlined in the current regulations must be verified and adhered to when lining your flue pipe:

  • The chimney flue must be lined along its entire length.
  • There must be room for ventilation between the lining flue and the chimney flue.
  • Before lining the flue, the chimney flue's interior must be cleaned (mechanical brushing).
  • It is important to use the sealing top plate and top cap to prevent any moisture from entering the chimney flue.
  • A descriptive plate must be affixed at the base of the chimney flue.


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Cheminées Poujoulat is the specialist in production of metallic chimneys, chimney stacks , accessories for single houses, collective buildings, industrial and offices applications, for new buildings and renovations.
Cheminées Poujoulat offers a wide choice of solutions for flexible and rigid linings, connecting chimneys for all typs of appliances , inserts, wood stove, pellet stove, and boilers. Besides, Poujoulat can offer various solutions to improve the smoke evacuation : smoke extractor fans, warm air distribution, draft regulators, solution for maintening and sweeping the chimneys.