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pgi system for wood pellets


Sales of pellet stoves have risen dramatically in recent years. The range of offers has been diversified and organised, offering reliable technology with increasingly appealing aesthetics and designs. The simple usage, programming and efficiency make it a system with huge potential for development.

The PGI chimney flue optimises the performance of wood pellet stoves

A favourable situation

wood pelletsTo enhance consumer satisfaction, the quality of the system, fuel and chimney flue are inextricably related. These factors cannot be considered individually.

The system and flue had to be optimised in the lab and conformity with the CE standards verified. An air intake is necessary for the system to function. Good air circulation optimises efficiency leading to cost savings.

Thus Poujoulat created the PGI range especially for wood pellet stoves. Following fine-tuning in the CERIC laboratory and a series of field tests, the PGI chimney flue also passed the technical assessment.

POUJOULAT and HARMAN subsequently also passed a joint technical assessment in 2005.

A Poujoulat innovation

PGI is a smoke extraction system designed especially to optimise the performance of wood pellet stoves. When fitted with the EPDA (exclusive adaptor), the PGI chimney flue allows for a reduction in the stove's consumption rate by 10% to 15%. Recent tests conducted at the CERIC laboratory, in partnership with systems manufacturer PALAZZETTI confirmed this performance. The PALAZZETTI wood pellet stoves have passed the technical assessment of the CSTB in association with the PGI chimney flue.

The air intake and smoke extraction occurs within the same chimney flue. This allows for future thermal regulations to be met and also facilitates integration into the building.

What's more, greenhouse gas emissions are greatly reduced, which contributes to conservation of the environment.

Description of the PGI chimney flue

The PGI chimney flue is a ange of double wall chimney flues created especially for wood pellet stoves. The range comes in several diameters (Ø 80/130 mm, 100/150 mm, 130/200 mm and 150/200 mm) and includes a large selection of accessories for optimal usage and aesthetics within the home.
The PGI chimney flue is resistant to fire and features seamless joints.

The PGI chimney flue has been assigned CE mark no.°0071-CPD-0051, and 0052. It also bears the CERIC-tested label awarded by the research and testing centre for the chimney and flue industry and is covered by Poujoulat's 10-year guarantee.

The PGI chimney flue is manufactured using top-quality materials that are 100% recyclable.

Installing the PGI chimney flue

A minimal safety distance of 10 cm must be maintained between the system's exterior wall and all combustible materials, regardless of the system's configuration (separate or concentric).

The PGI chimney flue is easy to install and does not need to project 40 cm from the masonry. The wood pellet stove can be positioned as desired, including on a veranda.

Connection: air intake principle


Create your own chimney flue: horizontal or vertical


Renovation: of your existing chimney flue

When fitted with the EPDA (connecting element), the PGI chimney flue allows for a 10% to 15% reduction in the stove's consumption rate.

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