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Connect with colour

More than just a heating system, wood stoves are today an absolute trend; the ultimate feature to complete your lounge décor, ideal for both city and rural homes

More than just a heating system, wood stoves are today an absolute trend; the ultimate feature to complete your lounge décor, ideal for both city and rural homes

New aesthetic finishes for wood stoves.

Whilst ceramic and cast iron remain popular choices to create a highly-appreciated retro look, materials such as steel, stainless steel or natural stone are bringing new life to the range, offering a more contemporary look. Selected ranges even comprise interchangeable designs, allowing you to give your wood stove a whole new look. Colours, materials and motifs can thus be selected to cover the existing installation to suit your mood!

As for the connecting flue pipes, Poujoulat has developed numerous innovations and is offering a new, more aesthetic range, which includes everything from connecting flue pipes for wood stoves to under-ceiling finishing rings. The enamel Premium range has been expanded to better cater to the growing demand among consumers for different colours and enhanced quality, performance and safety.

A trendy contemporary range: select your colour of choice

select your color

Today it is possible to encase the connecting flue pipes of the enamel Premium range thanks to two sliding painted stainless steel elements. This innovation allows homeowners to coordinate the colour of the Ventilated cover pipe - heat shield with their interior décor.

The Ventilated cover pipe - heat shield is available in black, as well as in a range of other matt RAL colours:


RAL 9021
Fire red
RAL 9022
Crimson red
RAL 9025
Moss green
RAL 9024
Sapphire blue
RAL 9029
Earth brown
RAL 9028
Chocolate brown
RAL 9027
Slate grey
RAL 9026
Mouse grey




The top and bottom ventilation ducts of the Ventilated cover pipe - heat shield allow for a vast reduction in the contact temperature of the chimney flue. This casing allows the installer to position the connecting flue pipe just 1 diameter from the wall, entirely in accordance with current regulations.


Retro style: crimped elbows

The connecting flue pipes of the enamel Premium range are available in gloss white, matt black, matt grey, brown and gloss black.

Made of enamelled steel welded to ensure a seamless joint, they allow for all wood stove connection configurations to be realised.

The range comprises straight lengths (25 cm, 50 cm, 100 cm), crimped elbows (45°, 65°, 90°), tee connectors, trim rings and adaptors.

Perfect aesthetics

New finishing plates: round, square, etc.

The finishing ceiling plates, flue and straight lengths are available in white, black and a range of other RAL colours (please contact us for further details).

The ceiling finishing ring covers the joint between the chimney flue and connecting flue pipe. Extremely aesthetic, this product is unique to the Poujoulat flue. No hole in the ceiling, no suspended weight. Available in three diameters (130 mm, 150 mm and 180 mm).

The straight finishing element allows for the Poujoulat flue in the roof space and the connection beneath the ceiling to be joined. Insulated along its entire length, the straight finishing element conforms with the French standard (DTU 24.1) on passing through the floor.

The flue finishing ring allows for aesthetic joining of the traditional bushel and the connecting flue pipe.


Round ceiling finishing ring Square ceiling finishing ring

therminox finishing

Straight, insulated Therminox finishing element
(passing through floor)
Flue finishing ring

Poujoulat: the advantages

  • - Excellent quality
  • - Diverse selection of finishes
  • - Guarantee – CERIC tested
  • - Easy assembly
  • - High level of safety for users


Ceric Testes


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