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The Poujoulat Online Learning Platform

Discover the e-learning site that allows you to learn at your own speed, anytime and anywhere!
Dedicated to improving the knowledge in the solid fuel industry, you can also benefit from an ever-growing resources area!
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Chimney systems for Industrial applications

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How to connect an appliance, and how to line a chimney ?

Cheminées Poujoulat is the specialist in production of metallic chimneys, chimney stacks , accessories for single houses, collective buildings, industrial and offices applications, for new buildings and renovations.
Cheminées Poujoulat offers a wide choice of solutions for flexible and rigid linings, connecting chimneys for all typs of appliances , inserts, wood stove, pellet stove, and boilers. Besides, Poujoulat can offer various solutions to improve the smoke evacuation : smoke extractor fans, warm air distribution, draft regulators, solution for maintening and sweeping the chimneys.